Climate 101

Climate 101

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How did we screw up earth and how will we fix it? The essential climate talk to take you from “I don’t know anything about it” to “oh wow, this is the most interesting thing ever”.



After explaining climate change and climatech to my family, my friends, investors, competitors, taxi drivers, high executives and random people in the street, I wrapped up all the story into a lecture everyone can enjoy an benefit from. As the name suggests, I will walk you through the essentials of climate change and climatech, focusing on the reasons we screwed up everything, but also the various ways we can (still) change it and even benefit from treating our planet nicely.

Detailed features & content

  • A 60” lecture, in-person or on Zoom
  • [optional] Focus on climate aspects related to your business or region
  • Free access to the presentation & materials
  • A lifetime supply of dad jokes
If we meet in person, I also have some cool, recycled (upcycled) swag!