Business development for climatech startups

Business development for climatech startups

Business development
Short description

A wide range of business development and operation functions - from partnerships and sales to regulatory relations and communications - designed for the climatech ecosystem

Business developmentClimatech


Exactly what it sounds like, priced hourly 😺

But seriously, this is probably my favourite job. I like executing just as I like imagining, and I work creatively to build networks and relations, not just agreements and exchanges. As a start-up, it might be too early for you to in-source business development functions like partnerships, sales, marketing and communications, so you can consider me part of your team for the tasks you need to progress while you’re heads down building great stuff.

Detailed features & content

  • Beta sites and early-stage contracts
  • Development of strategic partnerships
  • Regulatory relations
  • Representation in lobbies and alliances
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Communications

Complementary services

Climate & sustainability strategyClimate portfolio services
I work with great designers (UI/UX, web, mobile app, social) and developers and would be happy to recommend their services to you as well