Climate portfolio services

Climate portfolio services

Short description
A package of climate & sustainability services tailored for startups, providing entrepreneurs and investors tools to navigate the opportunities and risks of the green era.
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Climate & sustainability might not be the top priority of your portfolio companies as they push through PMF, ARR, EBITDA and other metrics and challenges. Yet, dedicating some attention to climate & sustainability not only reduces your compliance debts, it also helps to unlock financial opportunities and new markets, engage better with customers and employees, and build a distinguished brand. As a fund, you will gain additional visibility, become aware of climate-related risks and opportunities, and assure that your portfolio is aligned with your values. I don’t believe in force-feeding startups with stuff they don’t need, but to narrow it down to what can help them grow successfully.

Detailed features & content

Engagement process

  • Intake
    • Portfolio overview and initial segmentation into opportunities and risk categories
    • 30” interviews with the CEOs of the portfolio companies
    • First deliverable - climate & sustainability focuses for each company
  • Process
    • As per the defined needs of each company
    • Periodic reporting to the investors