Regulatory research

Regulatory research

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Understand the fast changing climate & sustainability regulation, its impact on your business and the new opportunities it creates



A research service designed for companies, NGOs and investors who want to master climate regulation and turn it from a challenging threat into an advantage.

The race to net zero has created a booming wave of new regulations, from climate reporting to renewable energy, built environment decarbonization and biodiversity rehabilitation. Alongside those requirements, new financial instruments were born: tax credits, tax equity, green primes and much more. I’m here to help you navigate through the often overlapping requirements and shorten the search for profitable opportunities. If you want to be prepared and leverage CSRD, IRA, 45x, The Green Deal, CBAM, ETS and many other legislations - this solution is exactly for you.

Detailed features & content

  • Overview of climate & sustainability regulation applicable for your business:
  • Road maps to comply with relevant regulation
  • Opportunities to leverage the regulation for your business’ growth

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Engagement process

  • Intake
    • A focused survey on your current operations and compliance, as well as future growth plans
  • Deliverables (report and/or presentation)
    • Analysis of your business through the lens of climate & sustainability regulation
    • Compliance highlights - what frameworks you should work with and plan to adhere to
    • Regulatory opportunities - how to make the new regulation work for your business
Once the baseline research is completed, I will keep you updated with regulatory changes and new opportunities