Climate & sustainability workshop


A 3 hours workshop that gives you the basic knowledge and tools your organization needs to start integrating climate & sustainability thinking into your day-to-day.

Climate & sustainability isn’t a side-story anymore, and everyone reads, hears, sees and feels it or about it. Organizations are expected by their employees, customers and stakeholders to take a position and figure out where they might be impacted and how they can be contribute to the biggest battle of the 21st century. This workshop is designed for organizations who want to educate themselves on the problem and the possible solutions, and shift from a passive approach with fragmented policies, to a coherent and effective road map.

Detailed features & content

  • Part I: climate essentials, challenges and solutions (a compressed version of the Climate 101 lecture)
  • Part II: you, me, and the apocalypse - where climate and sustainability meets your region, industry and business ecosystem; how other organizations act; what opportunities lay within the challenge?
  • Part III: moving to climate action - what can we do about it?
If we meet in person, I also have some cool, recycled (upcycled) swag!

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