Carbon project design

Carbon project design

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Make your carbon project eligible for carbon credits
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Carbon projects is a name for projects that either remove CO2 from the atmosphere, or prevent the emittance of CO2 into the atmosphere in the first place. Direct air capture (DAC), carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), alongside carbon avoidance are the common types of projects which can be rewarded through carbon credits.

While you focus on developing the technology necessary to save the atmosphere from the overload of greenhouse gasses, I build your accreditation case, which will enable you to list your impact as a standard carbon project and trade the outcomes. It is highly recommended to do it as early as possible in your venture’s journey, to avoid regulatory pitfalls or having to rebuild core capabilities like your measurement, reporting and verification methodology.

This service isn’t meant only for climatech companies, but for any company that captures, removes, reduces or avoids emissions, and would like the impact to be recognized and rewarded.

Detailed features & content

  • Eligibility research
    • Relevant frameworks and categories, and what is required to meet them (VCS, CDM, ISO14064-2)
  • MRV development
    • Define the different tools and techniques needed to measure, report and verify your contribution
    • Engagement with MRV services (soil, geospatial, maritime, sensors, audits and assurance)
  • Financial projections
    • Assessment of the market price for the carbon credits your project generates
    • Competitive analysis of similar solutions
  • Business development
    • Selling your carbon credits to corporates, carbon marketplaces and offsetting services
    • Communications and PR

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